Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why do S+C candles not have sticker labels?

  • A: No sticky mess! We want to encourage you to be environmentally responsible and creatively reuse your beautiful recycled glass jars. A couple fun ideas to repurpose your jar include using it as flower vase, making a terrarium, using it as a unique drinking glass or even food storage.

  • Q: How do I clean my recycled glass jar to repurpose or recycle it now that my candle is finished burning?

  • A: (1) Let your 100% recycled glass cool to room temperature after final burn
    (2) Place on heat-resistant surface
    (3) Pour in nearly boiling water & let cool completely
    (4) Strain wick & wax out over sink <wick clips are recyclable aluminum>
    (5) Hand wash with warm water & soap
    (6) Wipe clean/dry with a towel
    (7) Get creative & keep the positive environmental impact going!

  • Q: Which wick should I get?

  • A: It's a personal preference, as both are sustainably sourced and great options! Some people prefer the look of the wood wick, however the hemp wick provides a more even burning candle. On the first burn, always burn for 3-4 hours to ensure an even melt pool.

  • Q: Why does my candle look frosty and not totally smooth on the top? 

  • A: The preservative and additive free wax that we use is 100% soy which leaves a frosted finish but does not affect the quality of fragrance or burn.

  • Q: Why is it more expensive for the 'whole room' scent strength option? 

  • A: The 'whole room' candles contain a higher concentration of phthalate-free fragrance oil allowing them to provide larger spaces with the same quality of scent coverage expected of Soy + Cedar products.